Nsano Receives USD 250,000 Remittance Grant Facility

Nsano Group was on Wednesday 19th June 2019, awarded a grant of $250,000 under the second phase of the Remittance Grant Facility (RGF) challenge.
The project is to support companies to develop affordable and accessible products and services that extend the scope of remittances to the rural areas as well as benefit Ghanaians in the diaspora.

The Remittance Grant Facility (RGF) was launched by the Governments of Ghana and Switzerland in May 2017. The $2.6 million fund financed by Switzerland through its State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, is to provide financial assistance to companies to develop innovative remittance products and services at a relatively low cost. The fund is also managed by KPMG International Development Advisory Services.

Mr. Sampson Akligoh, the Director of Financial Services at the Ministry of Finance, at a ceremony to present the cheques to the beneficiaries, said the objective of the facility was to reduce the cost of remittances and extend their reach to the rural poor as well as benefit Ghanaians in the diaspora.

He said the remittance market in the country faced challenges with a high cost of charges and accessibility. On 16th June 2019, the world marked the International Day of Family Remittances and noted that remittances had a direct impact on the lives of over 1 billion people all over the world. The remittance market in Ghana faces challenges of high cost of charges and accessibility.

To this end, Mr. Akligoh said the Remittance Grant Facility (RGF) provided grants to support the design and pilot testing of products and services that were affordable to target customers, encourage savings and investment.

He said the challenge would help address operational pitfalls associated with remittance flow channels into the country and to encourage innovative product and service development.
Mr. Daniel Lauchenauer, the Deputy Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland in Ghana, said the initiative was to ensure that companies got funding to pursue projects that would help mitigate and increase challenges in the remittances market.

He said the partnership was necessitated by the long economic and diplomatic relationship with Ghana, adding that the Facility, when utilized effectively, would spur economic development in the rural areas and contribute to the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda.

Kofi Owusu-Nhyira, the Chief Executive Officer, Nsano Group, also commended stakeholders for selecting Nsano for the grant and pledged to continue to use the platform to address challenges in the remittances space and build the livelihoods of the poor.

Nsano Receives ISO 27001:2013 Certification; Unveils Fraud Center

Nsano Ltd, one of Africa’s pioneer FinTech companies, has unveiled its high-level fraud management center, as part of key initiatives to boost security as well as standardization of its Information Security Management (ISMS) processes which led to the award of the ISO 27001:2013 certificate.

Nsano is a financial technology firm operating in 8 African countries. The company specializes in electronic payments and liaises with telecom providers and payment processors to provide services to its clients and third parties.

Fraud levels in the e-payments industry have increased across different markets in Africa. Hence, Nsano’s security focus is a step to ensure robust operations in the various markets in which it operates.

Members of the Nsano Management team receiving the ISO 27001:2013 certificate

The Nsano Fraud Management center is a comprehensive security system integrated to platforms of financial institutions. The center consists of fraud experts and systems which are able to detect in real time, any fraudulent activities on the institution’s platform and prevent them from being processed. The center provides a 24-hour fraud monitoring service and assistance to all clients. It is the first of its kind operated by a FinTech firm on the Ghanaian market.

“We are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of our platforms and this commitment has led to the establishment of the Nsano Fraud Management Center and an audit of our processes to ensure it meets the standards of ISO 27001:2013. Our certification today is testament to our coordinated efforts in the area of security and we will roll out similar initiatives across other markets in Africa. Mrs. Linda Otoo, Chief Operations Officer of the company said.

Mrs Linda Otoo, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Nsano

Mr. Kofi Owusu Nhyira, the company’s Group CEO also added that, “Nsano’s renewed focus on platform and information security is to give our clients the assurance that their transactions and data are secure so they can truly experience the value of seamless e-payments”. The ISO 27001:2013 was issued by PECB after an auditing process carried out by Innovare, an independent ISMS auditing firm.

The Fraud Management Center and the ISO 27001:2013 certificate are major steps in the company’s roadmap to tackle security in payments.

Nsano looks to expand its operations to other African countries, as it innovates to develop payment solutions that ensure financial inclusion for all.

Your Website Can Accept Payments with Manilla Web Checkout!

It is time to get your business online! And the great news is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Online sales are growing in many African countries- Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania hence, ensuring that your business has online presence is one sure way to reach a variety of customers.

Online touch points include websites, eCommerce sites, blogs, or social media platforms. They enable customers to pay for your services online; providing ease and convenience to them. An online touch point also allows you to reach remote customers who may not be around your physical location.

Manilla is a web checkout platform that completes the last part of an online sale. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a WordPress page or a business website, Manilla web checkout can easily be integrated to enable customers pay for services on these platforms.

Manilla Web Checkout enables business owners to easily accept payments online on any website or e-commerce platform. The truly African solution allows both debit/credit card and mobile money payments.

Manilla WordPress Plug In

Manilla web checkout is available as a plug-in on woo commerce for all WordPress commerce sites. E-commerce shop owners and merchants in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Zambia, Rwanda can integrate Manilla to their WordPress sites.

How To Set- Up Manilla Web Checkout

Manilla Checkout APIs are readily available and the team at the Nsano Integrations Center assists with all integrations. This is done seamlessly and over very short time.

Ready to rake in some cash on online sales? Send an e-mail to sales@nsano.com to get started!

Nsano- 6 years Of Changing The African Payments Landscape

On 28th March 2013, an idea birthed a company.  In a time where FinTech was an alien term to most of the populace, the need to ensure easy and convenient payments  laid the foundation for what was to become Nsano. Today, one of the leading FinTech companies in Africa.

Although it is often said  that  few start-ups survive their 3rd Anniversary, Nsano  has grown over the years through a great sense of dedication and passion to provide solutions to  peculiar payment challenges on the African Continent.  Now 6 years old  and operating in 11 African countries with regional offices in  four (4) countries the company has certainly come a long way. Nsano’s clientele include  a wide range of top financial brands in Africa and it continues to forge great partnerships with all players in the payments ecosystem.

                                                                                                                                                                                            This year’s anniversary celebration  was launched at the company’s headquarters in Accra-Ghana.  At the launch,  Mr Kofi Owusu Nhyira, CEO of the company, thanked the board, management and staff of the company for their commitment, hard work and zeal which had earned the company accolades and built a favorable brand reputation as one that delivers great solutions and efficient customer service

As part of the celebration, representatives of the company embarked on visits to some key clients, thanking them for business and the support given to Nsano over the years. Staff of the company also participated in a staff retreat, a health screening exercise and a thanksgiving ceremony at the International Central Gospel Church( ICGC-Haatso).

It’s been an amazing 6 years of continued growth and sustained partnerships and the company looks forward to expanding its reach while working towards achieving  its vision of processing 50% of Africa’s GDP by 2020.

Business Messaging: The SMS Way!

If you own a business, run a non-profit organization, religious organization, student campaign or school, then you probably understand that communicating with a wide audience is no mean feat and requires tools and attention to ensure that it is done right.

What is SMS?

One proven means of communicating with either single or large audiences is SMS; fully known as (Short Messaging Service). Today, SMS is one of the most widely-used data applications in the world, with 81% of mobile phone subscribers using it. The service has become more than just a way to text friends but is also used by institutions to send updates and alerts to clients.

How do we come in?

Nsano Bulk SMS works with a PC to phone model. With an Nsano Bulk SMS account, you can create a personalised sender ID or campaign name that helps recipients identify you easily. Whether you have a list of hundreds or thousands of people, there is no hassle. All that you need to do is to upload a single file with the phone numbers of recipients, craft your desired message and voila! Your messages are sent at the touch of a button!

Dashboard view of a Bulk SMS account

While there a are a variety of Bulk SMS solutions on the market, Nsano Bulk SMS offers the most competitive rates and comes with an easy to use portal and insightful data analytics. Although our Bulk SMS platform remains easy to use, we back our service with award-winning customer support that ensures that help is always available whenever you need it.

Getting Started

Our service allows you to send important messages to groups of people and is quite easy to set up. Our team will be happy to answer any questions on the service. We are just a call away.

Call us on 0362 193 731 or send an email to sales@nsano.com

Learn more here!

2019 Is Here! Ready for the Era of APIs?

The technology space is booming! Everyday, new and innovative ideas emerge and morph into services that we can rely on. As new systems and applications develop, interfaces that can interact with these different applications to provide data and enable service delivery are in hot demand. These interfaces are commonly referred to as APIs- an abbreviation for Application Programming  Interface.

In many industries today, payments are an essential part of service delivery. It is common knowledge that there will be no sale without a price and this price must be delivered through systems that are seamless and easy to both the client and the business. In Ghana and many parts of Africa today, mobile money gives  both clients and businesses an easy way to make and receive payments.

Mobile money API’s enable direct communication between mobile money wallets and the applications of service providers or businesses. This way, both businesses and clients can either receive or send mobile money with ease.

While mobile money API’s are promoting easier and widespread payments, most utility providers in Ghana including, Ghana water company and the Electricity Company of Ghana give out API’s that enable payment platforms assist  with payment and collections of utility bills. With either  ECG or Ghana Water Company APIs, customers can pay their utility bills via the platform that has integrated into the API.

In a world where communication underlies growth , system to system communication via API’s enhances product and service delivery and broadens the channels for payments. That is why API’s are the way to go!

Nsano Ltd as a technological enabler in the payment space, provides Mobile Money APIs, Ghana Water Company, and Electricity Company of Ghana APIs to developers, payment platforms and banks. The company provides technical support with all integration processes to clients.  Get any of these API’s to provide the needed convenience to your customers.

Contact sales@nsano.com for all enquiries on API services.

Nsano Wins MTN Customer Service Award

Nsano, one of Africa’s leading financial technology providers was on Wednesday 31st October 2018, recognized as one of the top 10 external stakeholders supporting Ghana’s leading telecommunications provider MTN, to provide excellent customer service. The award was presented to the company based on the work Nsano does on the Mobile Money platform. MTN awarded Nsano for excellence in the area of customer service, particularly on the degree of responsiveness in flagging key customer issues, timely response and 24 hour support.

Receiving the Award from MTN

As a payment technology company with a vision to process 50% of Africa’s GDP by 2020, the award and recognition from MTN is a feather in the company’s cap. Over the years, Nsano has provided top notch payment technology solutions to Ghana’s leading banks and financial services as well as institutions in a variety of industries.  The company has also distinguished itself in the area of customer service, through the provision of user friendly web portals with accurate data analytics and timely technical assistance.

In an address to the team,  Kofi Owusu Nhyira, CEO of the company, commended the customer support and technical teams for the great service delivery to clients and urged them to always place the customer at the center of all solutions delivered.

Nsano has a wide range of tailored products and services that suit the payment needs of a variety of industries. A cross section of these products include, Manilla Web Check Out Platform, Mobile Banking,  Bulk Pay, Cedi Merchant, Bulk SMS, Web and Mobile App Development, USSD Applications as well as  Mobile Money APIs .

Nsano has presence in 4 African countries and continues to innovate to provide consistent and quality service to ensure payments in Africa are easy, seamless and fast.

Nsano Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is the month set aside to create awareness on breast cancer and the disease is the leading cause of  cancer-related deaths among women in Ghana. Globally,  efforts are made every October to raise awareness as well as encourage screening. Like all cancers, early detection is crucial to saving the life of the patient.

In line with the global initiative, Nsano Ltd, one of Africa’s leading fintech companies, embarked on a breast cancer awareness drive at their HQ in Accra-Ghana, under the theme, Early Detection Saves Lives.  Dressed in clothing with a touch of pink,  staff of the company participated in an awareness workshop led by Mrs Juliet Osei Waziri of Sam J Specialist Hospital. The interactive session was attended by all staff of the company  and  questions and misconceptions about the disease were answered and clarified.

A section of staff participating in aerobic exercise

Staff also participated in a physical exercise session led by a team of fitness experts. Commenting on the program, Mrs Juliet Osei Waziri, commended the leadership of Nsano for the initiative to pay attention to health and wellness of staff and urged the team to  take their health seriously, in order to contribute to the growth of the budding fintech sector and develop solutions to solve Africa’s payment challenges.

The financial technology company looks forward to championing many more initiatives to promote the health and well being of its employees and stakeholders while delivering top notch technology solutions for all players in the financial services space.

Learn more at www.nsano.com or follow us on facebook, Instagram and Linkedin