October is the month set aside to create awareness on breast cancer and the disease is the leading cause of  cancer-related deaths among women in Ghana. Globally,  efforts are made every October to raise awareness as well as encourage screening. Like all cancers, early detection is crucial to saving the life of the patient.

In line with the global initiative, Nsano Ltd, one of Africa’s leading fintech companies, embarked on a breast cancer awareness drive at their HQ in Accra-Ghana, under the theme, Early Detection Saves Lives.  Dressed in clothing with a touch of pink,  staff of the company participated in an awareness workshop led by Mrs Juliet Osei Waziri of Sam J Specialist Hospital. The interactive session was attended by all staff of the company  and  questions and misconceptions about the disease were answered and clarified.

A section of staff participating in aerobic exercise

Staff also participated in a physical exercise session led by a team of fitness experts. Commenting on the program, Mrs Juliet Osei Waziri, commended the leadership of Nsano for the initiative to pay attention to health and wellness of staff and urged the team to  take their health seriously, in order to contribute to the growth of the budding fintech sector and develop solutions to solve Africa’s payment challenges.

The financial technology company looks forward to championing many more initiatives to promote the health and well being of its employees and stakeholders while delivering top notch technology solutions for all players in the financial services space.

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