In this month’s Staff in Focus, we get to interact with Kwabena Kyei, our Finance Manager for Ghana. He plays a key role in managing our revenue, ensuring that payment transactions are accurately posted and reconciled in Nsano.

He is a chartered Accountant, Financial and Investment Analyst and Treasurer with Masters in Funds and Portfolio Management. His experience has shaped the impactful work he has been doing at Nsano for the past two years.

Let’s learn more about his life and some fun facts about him.

Q: Mention three adjectives that your close friends will use to describe you?

A: Most definitely Trustworthy, Optimistic and Attentive

Q: How do you prefer to start your day?

A: With a prayer, followed by my quiet time. It just works for me.

Q: What does your current role entail?

A: In simple terms, I would say managing the finance operations of Nsano Ghana. However, I have a few tasks and roles for the Group. I also have oversight responsibilities on treasury and finance management of our remittance business.

Q: What is a work-related accomplishment that you’re proud of?

A: I feel proud to be part of the remittance team helping to get more clients and revenue. Again, I always feel happy when I have been able to use strategy to get clients pay what is due us.

Q: Name a role model who has inspired you in your career

A: That has to be my grandfather who passed weeks ago. He was a teacher and banker. I am yet to meet a more industrious person.

Q: What led you to work in this field?

A: I just love working with figures and making decisions based on the numbers. I have been a numbers person ever since I can remember so this is no chance or luck. I am where I ought to be.

Q: Describe a favorite work memory

A: I worked on an investment proposal for a business I was involved in. The late nights, long hours, effort, and stakeholder engagements were nothing I had experienced before. Today, I look back and feel proud of the work I put in and the results before me. Whenever I remember that project, I just smile.

Q: What is your favorite sport (to watch) and which team do you support?

A: Soccer. Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

Q: What did you want to be when you were younger?

A: I wanted to be a banker. Back then, I would say a bank manager.

Q: Tell us about a book you are currently reading

A: When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein.

Q: What are you most likely to be doing on weekends?

A: Most weekends, I am out of Accra to see my family.

Q: If you could have only three apps on your phone, which would you pick?

A: Twitter, Methodist Hymn, Youtube.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

A: Athletics. I can run. Take it from me, my sprint game is 100.

Q: What’s one thing you love about working at Nsano?

A: Nsano is always evolving and it excites me because as a person, I really do not enjoy doing the same thing over and over again, so this place is such a perfect fit for me.

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