The technology space is booming! Everyday, new and innovative ideas emerge and morph into services that we can rely on. As new systems and applications develop, interfaces that can interact with these different applications to provide data and enable service delivery are in hot demand. These interfaces are commonly referred to as APIs- an abbreviation for Application Programming  Interface.

In many industries today, payments are an essential part of service delivery. It is common knowledge that there will be no sale without a price and this price must be delivered through systems that are seamless and easy to both the client and the business. In Ghana and many parts of Africa today, mobile money gives  both clients and businesses an easy way to make and receive payments.

Mobile money API’s enable direct communication between mobile money wallets and the applications of service providers or businesses. This way, both businesses and clients can either receive or send mobile money with ease.

While mobile money API’s are promoting easier and widespread payments, most utility providers in Ghana including, Ghana water company and the Electricity Company of Ghana give out API’s that enable payment platforms assist  with payment and collections of utility bills. With either  ECG or Ghana Water Company APIs, customers can pay their utility bills via the platform that has integrated into the API.

In a world where communication underlies growth , system to system communication via API’s enhances product and service delivery and broadens the channels for payments. That is why API’s are the way to go!

Nsano Ltd as a technological enabler in the payment space, provides Mobile Money APIs, Ghana Water Company, and Electricity Company of Ghana APIs to developers, payment platforms and banks. The company provides technical support with all integration processes to clients.  Get any of these API’s to provide the needed convenience to your customers.

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