Christian Glouin is Nsano’s Chief Technology Officer and proudly one of our longest-serving people. His knack to execute ‘crazy’ ideas make his doors one of the most knocked on at Nsano.

Over the years; Christian has been an integral cog in Nsano’s growth and success. He has experienced both the turbulent and smooth days and has sailed all oceans of our journey with us. In the first episode of Nsano’s Staff In Focus, we get up-close to know more about Christian.

Q: Are you a brush before shower person or a shower before brush person?  

Christian: Brush before shower of course.

Q: Do you have any special routines you do every morning?  

Christian: I listen to the news and anything that would make me learn something new.  

Q:Briefly describe your first day at Nsano?  

Christian:I had a conversation in my mind. Told myself, I would make the business 1 million USD in one year.  

Q: Comparing your first day to now. How is the feeling like?

Christian: More conversations in my head asking myself: what am I doing?  

Q: What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?  

Christian: Building Fusion  

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Christian:I would learn Accounting, Finance, and specialize in taxation  

Q: Let us talk Tech. Describe the most groundbreaking project you have worked on and why?  

Christian:Certainly, the creation of Fusion Bank client v2. We laid down the foundation for a fully decentralized system.  

Q: How does the typical weekend for you look like?  

Christian: Mostlyresearch/reading on Saturday morning. Relaxation in the afternoon. Church on Sunday morning. Then I read and plan for the week in the afternoon.  

Q: Let the cat out of the bag. Share your winning secret?  

Christian: Never stopped learning.  

Q: Closing words. Delete one of the following: Food, music, sports, movies.  


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